I love the diversity of the world. I love that each country has people with different hair and skin colours and many different languages and dialects. I love how each country has a different way of life and as long as no one is hurting anyone – I love and appreciate all the many different cultures. I love how each country has something that another doesn’t, something breathtaking and unique. I love how you can spend your whole life exploring this world and not even get to scratch the surface of it. But I still want to try and see it all, I want to understand it all, and I want to appreciate it all. This is why I love to travel; the world is so fascinating and exciting.

I have decided to document some of my travel stories on this page. Some stories may be from a while ago and others may be more recent but going forward I am aiming to keep it updated with any future travels.

‘Oh cool, so will there be informative pieces on here that will help me with my future travels, Sarah?’ I hear you ask…?

Lol, nah.

Honestly, there are people who get paid to travel and write about it and I am not one of them so I’ll write about what I please, mainly just entertaining stories. If you want tips and attractions then maybe you should consider, or perhaps investing in a Lonely Planet guide.