Ad initium!

Hello and welcome to my first blog entry! If you are reading this, it is most likely because you are my friend and I have forced you to (you know I really shouldn’t have to force you to do anything, as my friend you should be able and willing to do trivial little things to help me out…just saying).

Anyway, today marks a milestone in English literature in the form of my blog so I thought I’d show off and include a snippet of my Latin knowledge as the title of my first entry “Ad initium” meaning “at the beginning”. Clever? Tick. Appropriate? Tick.

And thus concludes my Latin knowledge lol. I know what I’ve done wrong in that, I went too hard, too fast (that’s what she said [because lets face it, he wouldn’t say it because he likes it like that).

I guess I could have also chucked in a “Carpe Diem” somewhere, but I figure we all know what it means, we’ve all seen The Dead Poets Society or have a mate with it tattooed in giant font across their chest, so it wouldn’t have had the same sort of prowess or appeal.

As I read over the four short paragraphs I have already typed, I realise my ramblings may not have sold my blog to you as the reader, and you may never return to this page. Fair call and I apologise.

So I opened with some Latin, lets close with an idiom, also suited to this blog:

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover.

Peace playas.